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Canadian phone connecting to a US network

  • 23 October 2020
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Hey so I recently ventured closer to the USA border for the day and once I got back in my car I noticed I had an email from Koodo about a roaming alert. The email essentially says that my phone connected to a US network and goes on to tell me the charges for EasyRoam and other add ons. I don’t want to get charged for this as I never left Canada so does anyone have any experience with this situation or advice?

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2 replies

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You can set your network settings to manual and select Koodo to force it to only connect to Koodo.

A Rep has stated on here prior any calls made in such a scenario would not be charged but if you do end up getting charged, you would need to speak with a Rep

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You should disable Roaming, in addition to disabling ‘Automatic selection of network’ (and manually selecting  the koodo network) to prevent future occurrences.