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Canadian Long Distance

I have the CAN Data 1GB Unltd Min $52 monthly plan. Under Services it says I have Unlimited Canadian LD and Extra LD Rate (Cdn). My questions are: 1) I live in BC so if I get an incoming call from Ontario do I pay long distance at all? 2) If I call Ontario from BC I don't get charged long distance. Is that correct? 3) What does Extra LD (Cdn) mean?

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1) No 2) Correct 3) I'm not sure
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1. No, incoming calls on any plan in the past 2 years don't charge you LD. They just use airtime. Since you have unlimited airtime, it doesn't matter for you. 2. Yes. You are free to call from anywhere in Canada to any other Canadian telephone #s. 3. It's just a provisioning code in the plan. Basically, you won't get charged extra unless you make an outgoing call to a country outside of Canada or leave the country and roam.
Thanks Jonathan and Dennis for your help!