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Canada wide talk and text plan 20

  • 23 January 2013
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Hi, I just switched to Canada-wide talk and text plan $20. I was wondering for the weekends call, can I call outside Canada and not get charged since I have an unlimited calling from Friday at 9 pm to Monday at 8 am? Thanks!

4 replies

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Your minutes are only Canada-wide. If you call anyone outside of Canada, you will be charged for long distance. Your evenings and weekends mean you can call anyone in Canada without being charged
I do believe you can only call with-in Canada, or you will get charged long distance rates.
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You would indeed be charged extra for calling numbers outside of canada. They can, however, call you without it costing you anything.
Koodo has a very good international TEXT plan that kicks in automatically when one leaves the country or makes a call. $5 for up to 50 international texts. It keeps me connected when I am out of country and am only using the phone as a pager.