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canada wide mean i can call from west coast to a number in east coast and it's included in the minutes of my plan. no Long Distance charges?

does canada wide mean, the minutes included in my plan can be used for long distance within canada? or does that mean if i find myself travelling from the westcoast to east coast, local calling in that city i've travelled to is included?

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The first one.
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If your plan is Canada wide Calling then no worries about the place where you are, as long as you are in Canada you are good to go... Remember that if your plan includes unlimited evenings and weekends, then during that period of time you will be able to place calls with no limits to any Canadian number... Remember to use the Self Service account to monitor your minutes... Enjoy!
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Basically, canada-wide means canada wide. You can call anyone in Canada, doesn't matter if it's east or west, as long as it's IN Canada, you can call them without facing long distance charges. This also means that even if you are out of your province, you can continue to call anyone in Canada, west to east, without facing long distance charges. The only time when you face long distance charges is when you call someone that is NOT in Canada.
My take on this is that there are 'no long distance charges at all' with KOODO on a Smartphone! The only time you're billed extra is if you exceed the minutes provided on your plan, in which case you are billed for extra minutes only...not for long distance. My question however is regarding iPhones...what I'm reading on the KOODO site indicates there is no 'Canada-wide LD' included in the iPhone plans.
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If you are on the" iPhone 3 year contract plans" they are not Canada wide. You have Local Anytime Minutes. 🙂