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Canada-Wide Data Double 35

Bring back Canada-Wide Data Double 35. It takes a while to determine which plan is best so would like to switch to this plan (Canada-Wide Data Double 35).

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I wish I could tell you it's coming back, Ian. However, it's 2014 now, and as you know, many many things in the wireless world went down the drain about 16 months ago. Add to that new devices priced at almost $1K and you have the perfect recipe for price madness. Bringing your own device on a monthly plan hardly makes sense too (on purpose, carriers want you to have a huge outstanding debt on your device). So, no, I honestly think it's not coming back. And I'm not pointing fingers at Koodo, they all do the same things. Here's a funnier answer which you may prefer, though: Koodo always announces plans and devices in here and on their Facebook page, so you may want to check these out to keep informed... There, I said it! Hope you still find something you like 🙂