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can you sign a plan if you are a minor?

i want to start a contract with koodo and sign off by myself (so that i can pay my own bills instead of my parents) but i am only 17! can i sign off on a contract by myself despite the fact that i am a minor or do i need to find a legal adult to sign or co-sign the contract? please help!

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You need to be a legal adult to sign up for a postpaid account, I don't think you do for prepaid though.
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Curtules' right, Mitchell. You can't "co-sign" or anything like that. As a minor, you can't sign any type of legally-binding contract. Your parents (or legal repsondant) will have to sign for you, in their name and consequently be responsible for the payment of the bill. Have you considered prepaid? I'm almost twice the legal age, but prefer prepaid myself. It's really that good 🙂
thank you! i have a savings account so i would be using prepaid; thanks so much again 🙂