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can't view my e-bill in pdf format. just a bunch of letters & symbols, how do i change it to text

Ok I try to vie my ebill click on the month I want, all that shows up when I open it are symbols and letters. How can I change this to normal text that I can read??? I won't pay my bill without being able to view what it says in ENGLISH ,,,,thanks all

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Are you trying too look at on on your phone or a computer? If it's your phone what model do you have?
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Make sure you have Adobe reader or the equivalent on your computer or phone.

If this is happening on your pc, right click the file while holding down tthe shift key, then choose "open with..." from the context menu and choose the appropriate reader.
Do what Chad said. But it is not Koodo's problem if you can't read it. You are the only one that gets screwed if you don't pay.
thanks chad will try that and yes I have the adobe reader, never had any issues before reading my ebiils. this just started today, Oh and yes I only view my account from my comp. thank you 🙂