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Can't remove addon and get charged $2/month for it

A long time ago I had to use +250mb data, so somehow I ended up with (as I thought) 1 month +250mb data for $2 addon. Then I switched my account and now have 3gb data that I never exceed  and I found that I'm being charged extra $2/mth for this 250mb addon that I don't need and can't remove it as I can't find it in my active addons.
Anyone can help me remove it? I wonder if I could get $ back for the months I did not need this addon?

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You generally only get comp'd up to 30 days ago. A Koodo Rep might be willing / able to do more as some sort of good will feature but no guarantees. Send a private message to Koodo via Facebook or DM via Twitter about this and they'll be able to remove the add-on since you cannot find it in the list in self-serve. Be sure to mention that to avoid the 10 dollar fee for them removing it for you.
how do I get to talk to koodo rep? go to the store?

I see this addon on my bill but there is no addon in my plan when I try to manage addons it is simply not there
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You can call 611, email, or use social media. I suggested social media because with the long wait times over 611, it'll likely be your best bet to get it taken care of quickly.