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Can't make online payments

I have tried several times to pay bill online. I keep getting this error message:
"The transaction didn't go through. Please re-enter your information or try a different payment method. "

I have tried both a MC and a Visa, and have tripled checked on the information I type in to ensure it is correct. This has been happening for about a week now, and I only have a few days left to pay my bill before it is "late".

In the 3 years I've been with Koodo, I've never had this problem before. ANy help would be appreciated!

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Allan, for now pls dial #123 from your phone and press 3 for the automated payment. Can you also help me understand what is happening? When yo uget to that error message does it take you back to step one of paying?
Yes, it goes back to the first step in the payment process.
I am experiencing the same issue.  I have tried for the past week and the same message appears.
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Anita Cowan wrote:

I am experiencing the same issue.  I have tried for the past week and the same message appea...

Pls try my suggestion above Anita.
I have the same issue. I used both my Visa and Master credit cards. Both are Canadian issued. Both have not busted the credit limits. I also dialled #123, pressed 3 and after entering all card information (of both cards in two separate attempts), it says "Your credit card is not accepted".

I am lost as to how to do payment online. I will go to my bank later to double check if there is anything wrong with my credit cards. If there is still nothing wrong, what other options do I have to make online payment? Go to a Koodo store and have pre-authorized payments using my credit card set up manually with the in-store Koodo staff?
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@limhockkiong : Have you tried to dial *611 instead of #123?

Also, was the credit card under your name and having the same address? Sometimes their system had maintenance, I would suggest you try later today to test.
Thanks for the quick reply. I want to the bank and checked earlier. Nothing is wrong with my card but they asked me to check that my address is exactly the same as what Koodo has in the system.

I called 1 866 995 6636 and was not successful in finding my way to navigate through the automated options to reach to someone (an actual human) who could check the address and any other relevant checks. I just dialed *611, as you suggested as well and it is the same as the number I dialed. I'm outside one of the Koodo stores now to speak to one of the staffs. Will wait another 15 minutes when the store opens.