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Can't figure out where "Application Store Service" charge came from.

I have a $4.99 charge on my account for "Application Store Service", but I have not purposefully bought anything  for that amount via any apps. I'm trying to figure out which app did the automatic purchase, but my bill doesn't provide me with any details. Any idea how to figure this out?

I see a bunch of people are dealing with Triton Global, but my bill doesn't state anything about who my money went to. It just says "Application Purchase $4.99 Total used 1 (event)"

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Does your bill / phone log include a call to a 800-series number during the period?  The purchase is not necessarily for an App, or in-App purchase, but could be a service. Triton Global appears to be an aggregator for a number of services accessed by 800-series numbers. It looks to be a similar issue to those premium SMS services of a few years ago.
Thanks David, M. M. - Awesome! ...Who woulda' thunk...an 800 #?! You answered my question, & solved the problem. U're my "App-Angel"  Banjotrill 🙂
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It would be cool if they could create a better descriptor to differentiate between an app charge and a toll from a telephone call on our bills.

I know Koodo isn't the one charging and they are only passing on the charge from a 3rd party company, but a better description would clear up confusion.
Yes Cory, I quite agree.
The name of the service that is billing the individual, would be helpful.