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can't afford my bill

  • 3 May 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi I need to cancel my contract as I cannot afford to keep paying my bills and I cannot afford any cancellation fee either. What are my options?

1 reply

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Do you have a phone on tab atm?

You will very likely be required to still pay your outstanding amount and remaining tab. But if it cannot be paid at once a payment schedule can be worked out. You'll need to schedule a callback to speak to the billing department to do so.

If you wish to retain your number, you can port it out to a VoIP provider, for usually 20-30 dollars one time porting fee. But many are free thereafter. At least you retain your number, and can use it while you have internet access on your phone. I have keptĀ  a phone number with Fongo, for instance, for several years.