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Can Not Register Have Been Calling Customer Service To Pay

Have been here over 6 months and still can't register, I have to phone customer service to pay my bill help! Any help would be appreciated. Annoyed that I have to add extra words when I have said what I want to

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Hi Pat, What happens when you try to register for your self serve account? Are you getting an error message when doing so?
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Error message? Are you registered for Self Serve? If you're paying through online banking you actually don't need to call in. You can just register Koodo as a payee with the account #. It'll be on the papers you signed when you got the phone or previous bills. To be honest I don't know why you didn't call to get your login issue resolved after the first bill came out. You've been on the line with customer service each month, so that's 6 times you should have mentioned it to them. They can sort it out for you.