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Can members of a Family Plan get their own login to the Koodo Mobile App for data monitoring?

Hi there, trying to get my kids to monitor their individual data usage better. However, they are part of a Family Plan. Are they able to get their own login to the Koodo Mobile App (or to Self Serve on the web) without using their mother's login credentials (as she is the owner of the account)? Thanks

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Unfortunately there is only one login allowed per account. Androids come with their own data usage monitoring built in. you can set it to match with your billing cycle plus give warnings and even stop data once it reaches a certain amount.
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Alternately on android there is a powerful app that gives you control way beyond what the built in monitoring provides. Check out 3G Watchdog in the Play Market
Thanks to both of you. Actually the devices are BB10, and I can install Android apps, but there is a good native BB10 app that provides monitoring that I've been using myself, so we will go with that. I just wanted them to be able to confirm what the Koodo system is saying for usage, but since we can't I will do the other stuff.