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Can I use a booster only one time?

I want to buy a data booster to use for about one monthly only.After I am finished using the data booster after the month.Do I still have to buy a data booster or I can just choose not to buy another?I planning to go post paid soon, so my plan will have a data plan included.

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You do not have to renew a booster. You can purchase a booster and use it until there is no data left (or minutes if a talk booster). You can purchase it again when you need it.
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To add to quasarito's answer, John: you don't have to use up your booster in one month either. Whatever you don't use automatically carries over to the following months, provided you keep your base plan active. For that reason I always buy the biggest booster available and one of them usually lasts me a full year 🙂 Edit: oops missed the part where you said you're going postpaid... so my answer won't really be applicable to you but might still help others 🙂