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can I port my kids phone which is on my account to an account that he sets up?

I have my kids phone on my account and I want him to set up his own account and transfer his phone and plan to the account he will set up, How do I do that

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He would set up the new account first, then request a port of the number either during activation or at any time afterward. As the number in question is under your ownership, you have to give Koodo permission to do the port. So you will both need to be present (and you will have to prove ownership of your account).
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If you're looking to have the account put into your child's name, but still with Koodo there are a couple different things that you need to make sure of. First, your child must be at least 18, and have 2 different pieces of government issued photo ID. You will need to bring your ID as well, just to prove the account is yours to begin with. Once at the store, they will open an account under your child's name and run a credit check just to ensure that the account can be transferred. Then, the account can be transferred and a $35 charge will be added to the bill. Also, there cannot be a past due amount owing on the bill at the time of the transfer.
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Hello markfilatoff! You can transfer your kids phone to his own account, by making a transfer of ownership. Call our customer service at *611 or 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636) from a landline and we will be able to proceed. If both of you could be together when you will call, that would be great! After a credit check done, your son will be the account holder for his telephone number. Have a good day! 

Thank you