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can I pay part of a bill

I owe a lot of money on my phone because I wasn't able to afford it for a while, but I needed it to find a job. I finally have a job and can make payments, but they cut my phone off today and I can't afford the entire bill because it has accumulated over a few months. Is it possible to pay a part of it and have my phone reactivated and phone service restored?

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That would actually be a question for payment services...they may require most of the past due in order to turn it back on, but you can talk to them and see if they will and then make payment arrangements for the rest of it. Please keep in mind that payment arrangements are firm once they are made (ie. you cannot say you will pay $50 every 2 weeks, and then only make a payment of $45), although you can always pay more than the amount you agreed on. Give them a call and ask them 1-866-995-6636, or *611 from a koodo phone (611 counts as an emergency call to your provider so even though your phone does not work to make other outbound calls, it will work with *611 and 911)
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We humble folks in the community have no access to your account, let alone any say. Best you can do is call and try to make arrangements you can live with.