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Can I open an account after the credit bureau updates my file?

Hi All; I had a Koodo Mobile with a monthly plan (postpaid) in Sept. 2011. Due to some financial problems , I could not make it to pay the bills on time. They canceled my plan and sent to Collection Agency. Now I paid everything last month. After that I got a letter from the collection agency (Collectcents Inc.) which states, "This letter serves as confirmation that Collectcents Inc., a duly authorized agent acting on behalf of KOODO MOBILE accepted the sum of $ XXX as paid in full on the above noted account." After 10-15 days I made a call to KOODO Customer OFFICE to check it. Because I wanted to buy a new postpaid plan. They told me that your account has been paid. But the Credit Bureau will take 30 business days to update your file. Question: Can I buy a new monthly plan (postpaid) with KOODO MOBILE when the credit bureau will update my file? Please do reply me guys. Thanks Shawn

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If your old account has been paid off I don't see why not.
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A very warm welcome, Shawn, I'm the same Sophia you talked to before 😃 I really hope you get some answers soon 🙂
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I always thought that every Sunday, the collection companies notify the providers about account payments so tere would be a weekly update....I guess that's changed
Thanks Again Sophia. Are you following me? 😉 Thanks for the superb community. I hope I will get some good answers soon. Thanks Shawn
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Hey Shawn, you might be able to activate an account with us once your file has been updated. Unfortunately, I can't tell you for sure. Many things can change in 30 days and every case is different 🙂 My best advice to you is to wait it out. Stop by a Koodo shop in 30-ish days and attempt an activation then and there. It's probably best to let the shop rep know that your old account was sent to collections which has now been paid in full. This information might be useful to them during the activation process. If a postpaid account is a no go, give prepaid a try. You can always switch to postpaid when your credit gets a bit better. Sorry I couldn't have been more help 😞
Hi Ashley, Sure I will try after 30 days. Finally got a Koodo employ here. 😃 Lets see wt happened? Thanks Shawn
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Shan Micheal wrote:

Hi Ashley, Sure I will try after 30 days. Finally got a Koodo employ here. 😃 Lets see ...

Glad I was able to help Shawn! Good luck 🙂