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Can I not just use a pay as you go card and use my minutes (expensive as they are)? Am I forced to sign up for a monthly plan?

  • 10 June 2015
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I think the question is clear.

3 replies

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You can go for a prepaid plan... and only pay 5 cents for the minutes you actually use. Nobody is forcing you to do anything really... it's all up to you and your own needs/wishes.
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Hey Terry! in order for the minutes to work you do need a base plan. you can get the $15 base plan that expires every 30 days and if you don't use up all your minutes they will roll over to the next month
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Check out prepaid options. I just switched from monthly. It was a very satisfactory experience, since my usage is very irregular. https://www.koodomobile.com/prepaid-plans You will have to buy the $20 SIM at a kiosque currently, but the $20 is credited back to your account on activation. Pick a monthly plan. I took the cheapest, even though I don't text to speak of. Then buy a bucket of minutes and data as you might need them. $55 gets you a big bucket to start with that never expires as long as you kick in the monthly. Register a credit card when you activate, do auto-top up and you will save 10% on the monthly. So $20 at the kiosque out of pocket then $15 for the first month - less $20 activate + bucket $55 = $50 out of pocket online plus a small monthly and top up as you go. You will also get a 100 minute bonus when registering your credit card. 600 anytime minutes + 1 gig of data (never expiring) = for $70 as long as your credit card is good for $13.50 a month. All plus taxes, of course.