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Can I make an advance order? That means I order now, but only activate my account 1 month later.

Hi, I live in Ottawa, will move to Montreal on June 1st, 2013, I want to order a plan and phone for Montreal use. I would like to order now, and activate the account on June 1st, is it possible to process? Thanks!

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Hi Yun, I'm actually not sure that you can, I don't think so.... however you can change your number for free by that time, or even pick your number in your new area to start with. You'd be smart to take a plan before the end of the month to benefit from the double minutes and data 🙂 I hope others will be able to confirm what I just said though, as I said I'm not 100% positive!
If your buying a phone out right, and ordering a sim card then yes. The day your ready to start service just give a call into koodo to activate your sim card and your billing will start.
Thank you very much for the answer!
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There is a $35 admin fee for buying a phone outright with no activation/rate plan at the point of purchase. At least with Mobile Shop there is, I can't speak for Koodo shops but I imagine they have something similar. Reasons? 1. Our advisors make absolutely nothing in commission and it doesn't count as a tick/sale in our records. 2. There are shipping costs to get the products in the store. 3. Koodo does not reimburse Mobile Shop whatsoever for that kind of transaction so we're selling it at pure cost. We need to make some kind of money...