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Can I get pay per use with Data?

In the Data Usage section of my bill I am being charged $5 when I am using very little data (last month it was 0.31MB). I see that on my plan I pay $5 if I use between 0-25MB. Is it possible to just pay per use? I am wondering this as I never use my data except to rec'v picture text messages and that little amount being used must occur my accident by my hitting the wrong setting or when I am waiting for the picture text message to come. Any way to change this so I am only paying per use would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Thats exactly what you are doing. The data saver pay per use feature is standard with the current plans.
Okay, so there is no way to change it in order to be actually change per every MB that I use instead of beign group with 0-25? I never want to use to the data but I have to turn it on to get pictures
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No. There isn't.
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Koodo doesn't charge you to use data for send/receive picture messages. But you will get data charges for some applications that may run in the background(auto update / sync ...) You can connect to WiFi first, and then connect to data to send/receive your picture messages, and make sure turn off data again. It helps to avoid to get data charges.
Thanks for the help Everyone!