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Calls that start in free weekends and evenings times but extend outside of the free times

If a call starts within the "free evening and weekends" times but then extends beyond the end of the free times, how am I charged? For example, if my free evening and weekends ends at 8am and my call starts at 7:55am and ends at 8:15am, is the entire call free, am I charged for the the last 15 minutes or am I charged for the entire 20 minutes?

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I believe you're charged for the last 15 minutes but I have unlimited calling anytime so I can't really break it down for you.
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You would indeed only be charged for the last 15 minutes.
Here's the official response from Koodo support. I contacted them via e-mail. "Please note that if a call originates in one time period and ends in the next time period, each portion of the usage is billed according to the time period it fell in. In your example, if you started the call an 7:55 am, and you end at 8:15 am; you will only be charged from 8:00 am to 8:15 am."