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calls i did not make on bill

  • 9 August 2020
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There are several outgoing phone calls that show up on my bills for the last few monthsthat I know for a fact I did not make. Always to the same number. No one else has physical access to my phone. I think that my phone number has possible been hacked by scammers. Has anyone else dealt with a similar situation?

5 replies

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What type of a number is it? 1800, local or long distance? Have you tried to call it to see what service it is?

According to one of those online reverse phone number lookup sites that cost a fortune, it’s a cell phone number from the next city over but there is no additional information about the exact location, the person’s name, etc. I have tried to call that number a few times myself, as I don’t recognize it on my bill, but it never shows up as a revived call in my “recent calls” on my phone (which is suspicious). Anytime I call, no one picks up. I just tried to text it, but no response as of yet. 

What I don’t understand is how they’re are outgoing calls from my phone number to this mystery number during times when I know for a fact I was sleeping in bed and not on the phone. I’m worried that someone has somehow hacked my account and/or phone number. 

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That is weird but you still haven’T answered Sophia’s question! What type of a number is it? 1800, local or long distance? Maybe if you share the number with us, we can help further more.

I thought I did answer the question — it’s a local cell phone number

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More specifically, what is the number and what day and time does it show the call on your detailed PDF ebill?