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Calling Koodo shouldn't count against my Koodo minutes!

When I call Koodo to sort out an issue, it shouldn't count against my monthly minutes. Especially if I am on hold for a long time.
I had to spend a long time on hold with Koodo customer service sorting out a billing issue that had been caused by a technical error with Telus and Koodo. Apparently this was a widespread issue for people in Ottawa that Telus was well aware of, but nobody had told the frontline Koodo people. I had to call three times to get everything sorted out, and ended up being on hold for around an hour and a half in total. As a result, I am now ten dollars over my monthly limit because I needed to sort out a problem caused by Koodo where I was being charged for a free service. Calling Koodo should not count against our caps, much like using the old app never counted against data caps.

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It does not Cory. They are zero rated. Have you added up the total minutes used this month, took away the time you talked to us via 611 or 866 number? Does it still end up to less than the minutes you have in your plan?