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Call back. No access to phone

  • 21 October 2020
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I do not have access to my phone. Paying monthly bill for a phone i can not use. I Need to talk to rep about my account since ill not be able to return to my phone for a very long time. 


The call back option only works for my person number which i can not answer, and also doesn’t allow international numbers. 


What other options do i gave to talk to a rep about my account. Please help. 

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1 reply

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You may be able to see your account status via your self serve account and maybe even resolve some account issues (like outstanding payments).

Regarding callbacks, you may be able to ask for a call back to any Canadian phone (not only to your personal phone). You will not be able to get a callback to an international number.

If you are already out of the country, your best bet is to send a private message from your social media account (Facebook/Twitter)  You may also try and contact koodo via Skype. Good luck!