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call back is awesome

  • 27 November 2015
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I just want to say that having the option for koodo to call me back is so convenient 

7 replies

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Yep. This should be the norm, why waiting on the phone for minute (koodo) or hours (Bell)
Is call back gone? These waits are infinite.
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Is call back gone? These waits are infinite.No, it's not gone Beauconte. They do only get turned on at certain wait times. I'm looking at our reports and wait times are less than ten minutes right now. However if you ask your question here we could likely help and you can avoid the hassle of calling. 
Already booked two callbacks, neither of which has been attended. Terrible customer service.
I agree. I have been trying all day. Who is running this company???????
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If you have an issue start up a new thread. There is no need to necro year old ones.
Psy_Kid I do not know if you have posted here about your problem but you can do so and see if we can held.
I finally got through, but for some reason when I enter the name on the card, which is the same on my bill, it keeps saying I have not entered it.