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Booster Balance Loss

Hi, I am prepaid customer. If I change my phone number through the online self serve utility, will I lose the balance of my data and talk booster plans? Do I need to make the change at the end of the billing cycle perhaps?

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Hey Vince! When you change your phone number everything on your plan stays the way it is 🙂 you can change your phone number whenever during the month but only once a month can you change the phone number. Hope this helps 😃
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Hi Hippie, excellent answer with one tiny correction 🙂 You can actually change your number as often as you like on prepaid - no need to wait till the end of any billing cycle or wait another month - we're lucky that way 😃
Excellent, Yes that does help. thank you HippieLongstocking and Sophia. I just don't want to lose the balance in my data booster and talk time when I change my phone number.