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Billing same day monthly

I wish that Koodo would have the bill period set up to take the pre-authorized payments on the same day every month (Eg. The 15th). This would make it much easier to know when I need to ensure money is in my account and also would help me budget my money better. It's currently set to be 15 days after the bill date which really can fluctuate each month.

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I was just talking about that with them they said after its due I got at least 20-24 days after due date for bill to be paid to pay it seem alright I was to pay my bill on the 11th doing it tomorrow
As with the OP, my pre-authorized billing regularly charges me anywhere between 15 and 25 days after my billing date, which is an obstacle to decent budgeting practices. The "set it, and forget it" factor is low, and I'm not enjoying it.