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And that question would be...?
Why i have 20$ addition to my outstanding balance? I called 611.i didnt get any promotion or ringtones.i still have my free airtime minutes..please could you clarify.Thanks
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when you say you called 611 do you mean you actually spoke with an agent or that you pressed the option for balance due? It sounds like you're on a credit limit and the $20 would be for unbilled charges that will appear on the next bill, but that's just a guess because nobody on this site is able to view your account. The only way to find out a definite answer is to call koodo at *611, option 5, or to send them a secure email by going to https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus
Yes exactly I spoke to your representative and she cannot clear it to me instead she gave me a number to call (toll free) and informed them that I am cancelling any subscriptions.i hope this will be clear, i will just wait for next billing statement.Thanks.
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Then the extra charges would be for a premium messaging subscription, which can only be cancelled by the person using the number. I'm guessing that it's from ifortune, since that seems to be the most common one around. Could have been a banner that you accidentally clicked, or it could be a subscription left over from the last person who had the number. In either case the charges do not come from koodo, and while they can generally credit them once, if you don't cancel with the company they're coming from you will continue to be billed every month.
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Timo Tuokkola wrote:

Then the extra charges would be for a premium messaging subscription, which can only be cancelled...

You can usually cancel them by texting STOP back to the number.