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billing query

  • 11 September 2013
  • 6 replies

hi, i have free 30 minutes international calling per month but one of the calls i placed was charged yet the next call i made wasnt. can this be corrected or explained to me?

6 replies

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Do you have a screenshot (without your personals) of the bill? It's much easier if we can see what's happening. What was the destiantion you called that got charged? It is possible the your billing period caused this. Say, your billing is on the 15th of every month. You get 30 minutes for one month and on the last day you exceeded that and overage was charged. Then the next call the following day was part of your next month allotment, so free again. I'm speculating but it it possible.
I made the calls on the same day
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I made the calls on the same day I see. That is indeed strange. It looks like an error because if you haven't exceeded the 30 minutes you shouldn't be charged, if you did then the call after that should be charged too. You might want to call them and see what gives.
I made the calls on the same day I called and the bill wa adjusted accordingly 🙂