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Billing problems

  • 20 November 2019
  • 5 replies

I recently upgraded my device and have now received my first bill. 

Why on earth does it appear as though I have paid three tab charges in one month? And why does it look like my remaining tab on my previous phone has been added twice to my account?!

My bill is higher than it should be and I’d love help sorting out the solution.

5 replies

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 It would have put what's left  of your tab on your next bill. Or are you saying that it is putting double what was left on your current bill?  If so can you post page 3 of your bill with personal info blocked out?

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Did you change your phone number when you upgrade your phone?

“Three Tab charge “ includes tab pay off for your old phone?

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Are you looking at your detailed pdf ebill on self serve? It should have more details there. 

Here is a screenshot of the bill. I was looking at the PDF trying to make sense of all the charges.  As per my paperwork from the upgrade, my new tab charge should be $480… so the $460 makes sense with the monthly $20 tab charge but there are a few more tab charges and it doesn’t add up to what the tab should be at now if I paid $55 of tab charges ($20x2, $15x1). I had $60 remaining on my tab prior to the upgrade 

This is for one phone line. If anyone can make sense of this I would be grateful.  

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Although the double charge appears on this page, the system automatically adjusted the excess charge on page 2, where you see one adjustment of the $15 from your old tab, and one adjustment of $20 from your current tab. Therefore the “other charges” are just $20 for your monthly tab charge, and the $60 remaining from your old tab.