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billing overage again with samsung galaxy s4

after being a customer for over ten years, ive always had great service and no problems....until recently! for the last 3 months my bills have been double for my sons phone. it is a Samsung galaxy s4. ive called to have this looked at because he has wifi at home, wifi at school, and after the first overage I told him don't use data. I see a post from 33 others so clearly this is a known issue. I have four phones with you guys and am looking to add a fifth for my youngest son, but if you do nothing about this , I will be forced to go somewhere else. please respond letting me know this problem can be fixed. this is a lot of money and cant afford to pay double every month

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Hey Helen! Koodo has only been around since 2008, just an fyi 🙂 Because this is a community board, we do not have access to your information. You will have to make a phone call to KOODO customer service for any billing issues. Good luck
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Hi there, since it looks like it's related to data, you could always add a data block directly on the account. That way, your son will be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks but won't have access to Mobile Data. Note that it will prevent picture messages though. Contact us over the phone (*611) or by email http://koo.do/11eMLdy and we'll have a look at your account. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.