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Billing mishap

  • 10 November 2020
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Hi there! I ran into an issue this past month as I've had to start a new job working from home, due to the COVID situation, that requires me to make calls all day. With starting the new job, it slipped my mind to switch my phone plan and the amount of minutes I get each month. Does anyone know if Koodo would potentially give me some sort of "break" on my bill for the mishap as I have never had any issues before? Not an easy time to have unplanned expenses come up, any help/advice would be appreciated! 

1 reply

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I would definitely recommend you get the $2 unlimited add-on or get an in market plan to prevent this from happening again. Whether Koodo is willing to compensate your extra cost probably depends on your standing as a customer and willingness to upgrade your plan, but you can certainly contact them and ask. Facebook or Twitter PM is probably the best way to contact them!