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Billing issues with a NEW PHONE, OLD ACCOUNT

On July 31, I purchased a new phone but before doing so I inquired at a Koodo Mobile kiosk and at the Best Buy where I initiated the service if I could maintain the same plan if I upgraded my phone. Both places I was told that it would be no problem keeping the same plan. I therefore upgraded the phone... but lost 100MB of data in doing so . I had a 30$ 200MB data plan and now only have 100MBdata. I have been back to ask the Best Buy store and the Koodo Kiosk and both have told me to contact Koodo directly. Can you explain to me  why  I now get 100MB of data less per billing cycle?

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This sounds really strange, I would have suspected proration but you mentioned upgrading on July 31st, so this has been going on for a while now. Hopefully someone will chime in and be able to help you out Jac!
EDIT: data doesn't get prorated. 
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Hey Jac,

We'd like to help but we don't have access to your account on this forum. My recommendation is to send us an email at this secured link: http://koo.do/11eMLdy, choosing Social Media as a category. Thus, we will be able to review your account and see what happened.

Many thanks!