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billing issue

  • 6 December 2017
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I got a new phone with Koodo on black Friday. Under my account, I am charged for two phone numbers, one is my number but the other one is with the area code of 250 which I have no idea.
In addition, I am charged for the tab twice.
It is so hard to reach anyone with Koodo on the phone. 
Can you please review my bill so that I can make the payment on time?

3 replies

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If you only purchased 1 line and somehow ended up with more than one, you will need to contact koodo to look Into this. Your best bet is to contact them via private message via Facebook or Twitter
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Hi Kim, this typically happens when you activate a new line and a temporary number is assigned to you before you move your existing number over. On your bill you will see partial charges under the temporary number, and the remaining charges (first full month in advance plus pro-rated charges from date of activation to start of billing cycle), on your actual number. Because of the port, you’ll see the tab charged twice as well. This goes towards paying off the balance for your phone, and just means that it will be paid off sooner. Hope that helps.
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Hi Kim! I looked over your account and made some necessary adjustments. You could log into Self-Serve to view the changes http://koo.do/2teETx7 :).
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us via private message on Facebook https://m.me/Koodo.