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Billing date has passed and I never received my bill for next month.

  • 12 June 2013
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The billing date passed nearly 2 days ago and I still haven't received my bill. On the self serve thing it says current balance: $0.00, due date june 5th. It says I paid on june 5th, but why haven't I gotten my bill for july 5th yet? I switched my plan to the 3gb plan, so I wanna know how much im supposed to be paying next month. Is it normal for me to not get my bill when I am supposed to? I get it by text.

7 replies

It really depends when your billing cycle is. When you pass your billing cycle date, then you will receive your bill. This bill will include the cost of service for next 30 days, and any overages and adjustments (like prorated charges from plan switch) from previous billing cycle. I'm assuming that you have pre-authorized (automatic) payments enabled, and I'll assume your bill gets paid automatically on the 5th, which means your actual billing cycle date is 3-some weeks before. When your new bill is available, you will at least receive text message notification (enabled by default, unless you later disabled it) when you signed up for e.Bill. One more thing, when you sign up for e.Bill (electronic billing), you don't actually get your "bill" by text or email. You only receive the "notification" of available bill. If you want to view your bill, you must download them from Self-Serve.
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It really depends when your billing cycle is. When you pass your billing cycle date, then you wil...Wow, NONE of that answered the question the OP had whatsoever. Lets focus on the question(s) at hand and if you don't know the answer, it's best not to post "filler" information.
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Your ebill will be ready and viewable within 5 days (can't remember exactly how many days) of the end of your billing cycle. Patience 🙂
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Hi Brandon, as Ahmad said your bill will be ready usually within 3 days after your billing cycle ends, the system needs to gather all the information in order to give you an accurate bill, sometimes could be a little bit more, let's say that your billing cycle closes on a Wednesday, technically you are supposed to have a bill the day after when your billing cycle starts, but it could take until the next week to be ready since I've noticed that during the weekends the system does not produce them... Anyways, Just make sure you log into your Self Service account and set up the notification so Koodo can send you a Text and E-mail when bill is ready to be consulted....
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Did you requested paper bill to be sent to your address, or did you subscribed to E-bill notification? like Ahmad & Camilo explained it, just wait it until you see it on your selfserve or call *611 X5 for any billing questions.
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Takes approximitly 3 business days from what I've seen. Ahmad is correct as well if those 5 days included weekends 🙂 Only then will you see the details. Did you receive a text about your new bill being ready? I do seein your post that you do receive them by text. They usualy come around 2 - 3 days from the bill date.
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And the June 5th Due date was for your previous billing cycle. As an example I have posted mine. For me, my billing cycle is April 15-May14. That bill was due on June 10. My next billing cycle from May15-June14 will show up on ebill around June19 with a due date on July 10 https://uploads-us-west-2.insided.com/koodo-en/attachment/1_inline.bmp