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can you advise me why my bill is 61.45 this month when my contract with you say 39.00 per month. thks Bob

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Check out page 3 of your ebill on Self serve. You can download your ebill via your self serve on your computer. If this is your first bill, note that this may be due to proration http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill
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Koodo doesn't do contracts. I assume is proration on your bill. You get billed from the day you activated until the end of your billing cycle (partial charge). Plus 1 month in advance and any tab charge if applicable
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Hello bob, unfortauntely we arent able to pull up an account, or access your inforamtion without you being present at a Koodo shop. I do have a possible solution, though, but only if this is your first bill you've received. On your first bill there will be "Proration". What that means is when you signed up with Koodo, you most likely signed up before the first billing date, Eg; you signed up with Koodo January 5th, and the billing date was the 16th. Further more, that means you would have had to pay for those 11 days before the first billing date, plus your first months bill. After your first bill, your bill total will go back down to the $39.00. It sounds a little confusing, I know. If this isn't your first months bill, or you'd like some more clarification, please feel free to call our customer service at 1-866-995-6636. hope this helps you out a little bit! -Matthew
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Well Bob, it sounds like this is your first bill or you changed your plan recently or you possibly went over on something. You will see something called proration on your bill whenever this happens, which is partial charges from the day you activated to your cycle date + the first full month. Then there's taxes on that, too. We cannot see your bill here, as this is a public forum. Sign into Self Serve (or register if you haven't already), click on billing, click on e-bill, and then go to the bill you want. Click on Page 3. This will show the breakdown of what happened. If you're having difficulty, then you can discuss your bill Koodo by calling *611 from your Koodo phone or 1-866-995-6636 from any other phone.
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Bob, can you tell us where you bought your phone? At a koodo store or somewhere else. The reason why I ask is because this question is often asked on this forum. I know I was told what my first bill would look like when I bought our phone. They even printed out an approximate amount and attached it to the agreement. Did you get that?