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Billing [cell phone] error by Koodo not corrected MONTHS later - help!

Hello ~ About 6 months ago I noticed my bill indicated I had purchased an iPhone 4 (with an uncollected outstanding bill) although I NEVER purchased an iPhone 4. I use a Samsung. I contacted Koodo (noting online the correct phone I use was cited). The customer service rep stated she did not understand the billing error - change in cell phone citation but indicated it would be fixed/removed. (The iPhone was added several months before I had noticed the error...It's been there almost a year now.) I am still waiting for the bill to be corrected where it indicates the proper phone - with a zero balance owed. I would like to get a new phone but unwilling to do so before this error is fixed. Any suggestions around how to have a mistake made by Koodo corrected. I have called and email previously without success. I check online once in a while to see if it's fixed but nothing done yet. I have no idea why Koodo correcting their bill error is taking so long but it is annoying. Again, ideas welcome. Thanks

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Are you sure it was the Tab balance that was affected/charged to your account? Maybe it was just overages or something? My guess is someone used your ID to take out a phone or you have an authorized user under your account who took a phone. It's also weird that it would be an iPhone 4 since that was discontinued a looong time ago. Maybe it was just a hardware swap and not an actual upgrade? I don't know. I'll see if I can get anyone else to help out.
Hello - online the tab is not impacted (yet at least) by this charge on the bill. I haven't yet been deducted for this phantom phone. Reviewing feedback, I don't have an authorized user on my account. FYI- at least as of last night, An iPhone 4 is available right now for purchase according the koodo website. I bought a Samsung phone ...with glitches in 2012 ...I haven't purchased anything since ...well, I did buy a US travel package prior to a trip once that didn't work while in the US (complete waste of money). In sum, I would appreciate my bill reflecting the phone I have, without an outstanding amount due - that at least hasn't been charged to me...YET. Thanks for taking the time to respond
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Could you post a screenshot of what you're seeing, Christine? PLEASE obliterate any personal information though such as your number, account and personal information 🙂
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Hi Christene, This certainly sounds odd. We'd like to have a look at this again, but we can't open your account in public in front of everyone. Can you email us from this link: http://koo.do/YqucV0 and choose "Social Media" as your topic? Please log into your Self Serve when prompted so we'll be able to open up your account. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.