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  • 15 October 2020
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I haven't even received the phone yet, nor has it been activated. But I've already been billed and charged for this month. I don't think the charges should start until the phone is received and activated??? In order to transfer my current number over I have to keep it active till I make the transfer. So I don't see it fair to be paying two phone bills when I don't even have my Koodo phone yet..... 

2 replies

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I would contact Koodo so you can reverser those charges.

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Koodo preactivates your line based on the expected delivery date.  In some cases, the delivery may occur later due to delivery delays.

Koodo has no issue giving you a credit so it matches when you have actually received your device.  I recommend that you pay this bill for now (if you are able), and when you get your phone you can contact Koodo the one time and they can credit you to the date you have received your phone.  If you contact before you phone arrives, it will cause other issues as they dont know when your phone will arrive and you many need to contact koodo again to fix the issue a 2nd time.

If you are unable to pay the bill, then yes, please contact Koodo now, but you may need to contact them again once you officially get your phone to activate.