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Hi When we activate new service with koodo,we usually get charged for first and last month right? but when we deactivate the service why we have to pay for the last month?

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No, you don't. Koodo has billing cycles that fall on certain days. For your first bill, you get charged for the days remaining in that billing cycle ((monthly cost/30)*days left in cycle) plus your next month in advance. This is called proration. As per the new CRTC rules, no carrier is permitted to charge you for a month after you cancel. If you were to cancel, you're only responsible for whatever you used up until the cancellation date.
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You don't get charged for first and last, just the first months bill and "Proration" If there is any. That's why you still have to pay for your last month 🙂
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You are thinking of renting apartments.:-) they charge first and last.:-)