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hi,. can some one please help me. im really confused.. im a new costumer and i applied July 10th. now its July 21st and i received my Ebill. its wasnt even a month of usage yet..

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Here this may help explain your first bill http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill
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basically: - Your first bill will arrive within 2 weeks of you activating your line. - Your first bill will include pro-ration which is from your activation date, to your billing date, plus your first month, which is why with any carrier the first bill is always a bit more than what your plan is plus tax. - Your second bill and onward will normalize to your plan amount plus tax (as long as there are no overage charges) I recommend calling Koodo or looking at your first bill to determin your bill cycle date. Also, for those wondering, Billing cycle dates aren't random, but are based on your postal code. 🙂