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How come by bill showing as 193$

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sign into self serve click on billing click on e-bill click the date of the most recent bill scroll to page 3 what are you being charged extra for?
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Have you looked at page 3 of your bill to see what happened? It will describe all the charges there.

Did you upgrade your phone recently? Could be a Tab repayment.

Did you change plans? Could be prorated minutes from the old plan.

Did you go out of the country? Could be roaming charges.

There are too many variables. None of us can access your account here so if you still can't figure it out, your best bet is to call customer service when they're open either at 1-866-995-6636 or *611 from your Koodo phone.
I couldn't find the date for the most recent bill
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Suresh Kumar wrote:

I couldn't find the date for the most recent bill

Chances are the notification was sent but the bill is still being posted. Give it 24 hours and by following Timo's steps, you will see your bill.