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I upgraded my phone the end of January and expected an increase in my bill. However, I was paid in full (even a couple of bucks ahead) and now I am being billed early for more than I had understood the new bill would be. Does my monthly bill come due on a different day now, and if so, what happened to the money I had already paid on my last bill?

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If you switched to a more expensive plan partway through your billing cycle you would be billed for the difference in price for the rest of the month in addition to the price of the new plan for the month in advance.
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Well if you wanted your negative Tab repaid on your bill, then that would be the obvious increase. The other thing is if you changed your plan when you upgraded and it wasn't on your billing cycle date, then your next bill comes pro-rated, which means it's adjusted for the days from when you changed to your cycle date.