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billed for a full month when i just got the phone?

  • 14 October 2020
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Not sure if I’m misunderstanding or being ripped off. I just got a new phone and plan which kicked in September 29. On Oct 8, I got an email saying my bill was ready which I thought was odd as I’m used to paying at the end of the bill cycle, not the beginning. My husband who is also with Koodo said he thinks it’s because you’re always paying a month ahead instead of at the end of the cycle. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed it says my billing cycle was sept 29-oct 5. My question is am I being asked to pay for an entire month when I only had the phone for 6 days at that point? If so, should this bill not be prorated for the amount of time I’ve actually had the phone/plan? Or am I completely misunderstanding? 
thanks in advance

2 replies

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There is nothing wrong with your billing. Your first bill always included partial charge( from sign up date to end of your billing cycle) plus 1 month ahead.

You sign up( plan kicked in) with Koodo in September 29th.

Your billing cycle is actually 6th of the month to 5th of the next month.

So, you see a partial charge for 7days duration of September 29th to October 5th, plus full month in advance as your husband mentioned.

Example: If you sign up with $30 plan. Your first bill will be $7 (7days of partial charge. 30/30x 7) + $30 full service = $37 + tax

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