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Bill was over double what i was supposed to pay

My 1st bill on my brand new phone plan was $133 when it is only supposed to be $65? Im being charged $50 for 5gb of data which supposedly came with my plan and wasn't a separate charge

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Are you sure that wasn't a prorated bill, since this was your first invoice?

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I woulf suggest you check the detail of the charge in the PdF bill in billing area of your selfserve. Page 3 of the pdf bill normally has the detail. 

Also this link might help https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/charges-explained

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It might be a prorated amount, it might be an extra charge. Just to make sure we have the right information, I advise you to verify the details of your bill and if you notice any error you can send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter.


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