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Bill type changed without my autorization

Usually I don't receive a paper bill. I received this month but I've never asked for it and koodo charged me 2$ for the paper bill. Why did Koodo send me the paper bill without my autorization ?!?

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That does not sound like Koodo. The best thing to do is to call customer service - they can change the way you get the bill, and then reverse the charge also
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If you look under your self serve and billing notification, is ebill selected?
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Maybe you accidentally changed your bill type online. If they can avoid it they wouldn't send a paper bill to anyone. Even if people pay a couple bucks. I have to believe koodo still loses money every time they send a paper bill. Considering the postage along is almost half the cost I can't see how this would be good for them. As the others have suggested look online to see your bill status.