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Bill still not showing up as paid?

Hello I am a new Koodo Customer and have just made my first payment. However, when I log into my self serve the balance is not showing up as paid. I paid via CIBC online banking with my debit card. I used my account number and went through the necessary steps online at CIBC to pay my bill. The payee history shows the bill as "completed". However, Koodo Self serve does not show my bill as being paid. It still says I owe them. Does this just take awhile to be processed or what?

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It can take a few days for payments to post to your Koodo account. I would just wait a little longer, and if nothing has shown up within 5-6 business days then I would check with the bank and Koodo to see whats going on.
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The only payments that are almost instant are those made by credi card! IF you're late on paying, pay with a CC