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bill payment problem

  • 14 June 2015
  • 4 replies

I have paid my bill via online banking but in koodo it does not show my payment. This is my first time to pay bill, can you please let me know what is the problem?

4 replies

When making payment through your financial institution it takes 3-4 days for payment to go through... just hang on to the confirmation # given to you when you made the payment just in case something got lost in translation.
When making payment through your financial institution it takes 3-4 days for payment to go throug...Its more than a week I have paid, should I go and check with my bank or koodo?
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I would start out by checking with your bank (as Koodo suggests this) and make sure that the payment that you made was to the right account number (most common mistake - my first bill I ended up paying my internet account instead of my Koodo account). Make sure that you get a confirmation number for the payment. Please keep in mind that it is 3-5 business days to go through when it is through the bank - that does not apply in this case since it is more than a week. Also check your self serve account, and see if the current balance shows there as being paid since it can take some time for things to be updated. Finally, after you have all that information, talk to Koodo customer service. They will be able to pull up billing information and payments made on their screen. If you are still having problems with the payment then you may have to talk to payment services (I always suggest that you go through customer service first as most of the information you need you can get through them, and less of a wait time to get through to customer service). I hope that this all works out for you.
I get conflicting payment results too when I know I've made payment. has something to do with the pro rating monthly billing. Shows up at different amounts on the website and bill. Like a delay. I always call and sort it out over the phone so there's NO confusion. I know exactly What I owe for said month. Hate surprises.