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Bill payment not received.

I made my bill payment last day and cash was withdrawn from my bank account. But still, my koodo account hasn't received the money yet.

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Hi Ajay, if you made your payment at a bank, including online or telephone banking, it takes 3-5 business days for the payment to get to us.  Try checking your Self Serve account again in a few days.
Tahnk you for the reply.
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Ajay Siby wrote:

Tahnk you for the reply.

Quickest way to post payment is via credit card. Getting a reload able credit card from say Canada post or wherever else that will allow you to register the card with your address and name will ensure the processing of your payment quickly. The one at Canada post actually mails you a card with your name on it that you can then set up with your address. Just an alternative to online banking.
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