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Bill payed phone not working

I payed my bill of $54.24 on June 28th got a confirmation number of 7526 . its not working now. I payed it with rbc online banking. Its due june 30

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it usually takes 3-5 business days for any payment not made with a credit card to post.  Call Koodo Customer Service (1-866-995-6636) and advise them you've made the payment.
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I pay thru online banking as well, and its almost always 4 business days for me. I always give myself a week grace period when paying online. If u can't do that due to being paid on a certain day, go grab a preloaded visa and make a payment online or by dialing 611 from your phone.
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Vanessa, every online banking site I have used to pay bills suggest "allow at least 3 business days for the transaction to be completed." Be aware that Legal Holidays may delay the process. For example Friday is July holiday in Canada so it is not considered a business day. The third business day for your transaction will actually be end of the day July 4th, Monday. Good luck.
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it's on;ly due today so it should have been cut off yet.

have you tried rebooting the phone?