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bill not correct

  • 16 April 2020
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Hi I got charges extra GPRS Charges when I went abroad last month on my last bill even though I had easy roam active . I even called to make sure that easy roam was active . Can you please look into this as I am having no luck so long this using the bot

5 replies

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@Waseem. Hello, I think Dennis was on the right track when he asked you if you were on a cruise? Your easy ream package did kick in, but you also have data usage using a satellite.

Hi Johanne 


I was not on a cruise I was in the Bahamas, so the satellite usage should not have kicked in .

My phone was airplane mode through the plane ride and easy roam kicked it as soon as I landed 

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@Waseem.  Ok let me have someone look into it a bit more and reach out to you.

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I’ll lay odds that your phone connected to a 1x or 2G network while you travelled. These ancient cellular bands are not managed within the Easy Roam package, but also should not have been billed to you. I used to see these in the USA a number of years ago before they mothballed their legacy networks.